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A Place for Inspiration

Can Calma is a contemporary Spanish guest house with three guest rooms, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, on the north east side of magical Ibiza. As the name already reveals, we offer you the experience of calmness. 


The house attracts guests from all over the world who look for some time off from daily life. For some, this means finally to relax, whereas for others it is a stage in a journey of self-discovery. As such, Can Calma is most of all a place for inspiration. And more, if you want it to be.


The Rooms

Can Calma has 3 double bed guestrooms. Each with its own style and specifications. All designed in a way to benefit from your time away from the distractions of daily life.

Sea View Suite

The sea view suite is the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a private salon. You can have your coffee on the room's private balcony in the morning sun, overlooking the Mediterranean. Or, retire to the private salon after dinner for journaling or reading, where a comfortable couch and writing desk await you.

Moroccan Room

On the hillside of the house you'll find the Moroccan Room. The room has a large armoire and large windows with a view on the garden. It exactly provides everything you need to feel at home and perform the soul searching you came for. It has a nice garden view and shares a bathroom with a bath tub with one of our personal rooms.

El Sótano

El Sótano is a standard sized room located in the souterain, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The room has a salon with a reading chair at its disposal, has a sea view and shares a bathroom with one of our personal rooms. It's an ideal room for those who like to write a journal or memoires at night on the sound of the waves in the background.

"Wish more places would have this unique unwinding atmosphere"

— John (US), 2019

Our Philosophy

At Can Calma, we live our lives from the premise that we are not the voice in our head. On our journey, we've approached it both from a spiritual and a scientific angle and neither provides a strong base for the assumption that we exist as separate entities.


Of course, the experience of being a me is very real. Yet, in reality this me (or ego) likes to lose its sense of self. This is flow, like for example when we dance without thinking. In those moments we have no active thought of being a me.

Flow becomes more frequent and more lasting once we can act in accordance with our intuition (instead of our emotions) without becoming a something. In essence: just be.

A place to unwind and ...

We believe that whenever we are not satisfied with our lives or even successes, this egoic mind (the sense of being 'a me') has grown a bit too strong and that it requires some unwinding. 

This unwinding doesn't need much more than a calm environment with little ego-reinforcement from other people and perhaps some coaching. This is what we offer at Can Calma. 

We provide you an environment to let go of your sense of me and all desires that may have been built on top of that. A comfortable house, all sorts of inspiration and the subtle maintenance of a social environment without too much ego-reinforcement have proven to be the ideal mix to let go. 

As a guest, it is totally up to you how much time (if any) you spend on this "letting go". You may just come to relax. But for those interested, we offer a variety of services to support this process, ranging from single sessions to a personalized 1-week program.